February 15, 2018

yesterday left me thoroughly confused.

did i misunderstand what you had said about me being important to you?


i recognise that i shouldnt always think of worst case scenario but i just dont want to get hurt. i dont want to open my heart to someone only to realise they didnt want it. i want signs so that i can be sure its ok to do so.

i get that perhaps in the office setting, its just abit awkward to show anything. so squeezing my hand before i left – yup ok got that. that was reaffirming. and then you also said thanks dear which was like sweet but also huh is that a casual flippant thing?

the key i think was that i didnt get a good sense of who you were out with on vday. and i didnt hear from you the whole night. which means to me you were out with someone who commanded quite a significant amount of your attention. perhaps i shld have just been straightforward and asked.


如果你快乐 不是为我
会不会放手 其实才是拥有


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