November 13, 2017

they say that after you graduate from school, it gets increasingly hard to make real, genuine friends. because, at work, you generally cant.

i beg to differ.

the past years have proven over and over that it is very possible for good, solid friendships to form and last. this year has been the same. from strangers, acquaintances, co workers, to finding and reconnecting with long lost friends, i’ve been at the receiving end of all this love and support, especially when I least expected it. who’d have thought the last year would have been spent discussing books and change management best practices with my bff? or to have multiple conversations in the same whatsapp chat and know exactly what each other is talking about? or laugh uncontrollably over tinder horror stories and awful profiles? who’d have thought my former intern would have called out to me in a crowd of noisy barking dogs? who’d have thought i’d pick up tahiti dance, for goodness sakes? or be able to discuss retirement plans in an onsen? or have warm drinks every morning and roxx music after work? or shed tears together over a much beloved puggy who showed us what it meant to be brave and positive? or just simply allowing me to be part of all the major life events that happen in your life, be it marriage, kids or even in death?

you have all helped me grow, stretch and mould me into the person i am today. whether it was by scolding, reminding, pampering, reinforcing, listening or my fave – providing me with good food – thank you. i wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

ps special shoutout to Peter Voser who may never see this, but in case you do, you have no idea how much your words meant to me. that was -the- career highlight of my life so thank you!


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