May 18, 2016

in the first place, this is not an email i’m supposed to be sending out – its jac’s job, she was supposed to take it up with you guys. which explains why, in the first place, i wasnt copied in the emails. and clearly she hasnt been following up as religiously.

2ndly, how the fuck am i supposed to know what a huddle is? the email is by jacq, addressed to david, you, hywel, alex, pui – how am i supposed to know I”M supposed to be organising the huddle in this conversation? and i dont even know what the fuck a huddle is? and ALL of you are in the UK??

3rdly, i dont appreciaet the use of the word ‘proactively’. i think i have been ‘proactive’ enough – this issue has been surfaced since MONTHS ago and if i hadnt been proactive we wouldnt even be at this fucking stage. and there is EVERY SINGLE FUCKING reason for me to be proactive, if i knew what was required to be proactive, because, well i fucking deal with them everyday so selfishly, its in ALL OF MY INTEREST to want to know the answer and know it FAST.

dont come tell me this at this stage – you could have stepped in but i’ve not seen a single reply from you. dont tell me about proactive because you clearly dont understand the effort i’ve put into this client. dont be a bitch – it hurts even more when such words come from your own team. just dont.



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