think out loud

March 2, 2015

songs mean more to me than just a source of entertainment.

apart from the tune, its really because certain lyrics speak to me, strike a chord, hit raw nerves, you name it.

different songs bring me back to different periods of time, different incidents, different people. Rather Be will always remind me of E, 下雨天 will remind me of W. Mirrors will remind me of how i couldnt even bear the thought of B dying, Ordinary people will always bring me back to when i dealt with my first heartbreak. God will make a way will always be the one that i turn to when i’m in the darkest of pits, 安静 will always be the first song i ever sang in KTV.

and each time i ‘got over’ a song, that meant that i had gotten over that phase in life. and the song will just be something that makes me sit up with a (slight) start if i chance upon it somewhere somehow.

For the longest time, Better Together was the song for me – it was a simple innocent song i felt was perfect for my relationship (whichever i was in, and that would hopefully, idealistically, last forever). i wanted to use it to epitomise that relationship. i wanted to use it for my march in, for my collage, even a blog title to document all those little things.

That has easily been a 10 year ‘obsession’.

It changed over the weekend. i dont know why. But maybe because i’ve changed. Or that I want to change. Either way, i’m Thinking out loud for now.


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