November 14, 2013

Dear you,

happy birthday to you, you. how this year has flown by, how things have changed. today you aren’t like you were 365 days ago. after that day, almost everything changed and flipped your life completely upside down. i think, these 365 days have been a whole series of lessons, hard hitting and reinforcing many things that will change the way you see life in the next 365 months to come. 

so you fell, so you cried. so there were moments of hysteria. so you laughed, so you smiled. so there were moments of light. so there was fear, worry, anxiety, anger, grief, despair. there were also moments of relief, focus, determination, joy, victory. 

but tonight, i think you’ve also finally found the one thing you’d been looking for so desperately – peace. in knowing that you have made it through, made it out and gotten up despite falling so many times. in knowing that your perseverance has paid off, even thought you’d wanted to give up many a time. even as you continue feeling helpless and powerless, you know that the impossible can be done if you wanted to – because you just did it. you got yourself back in the game, you got a job, planned and ran a camp for 266 sec 2 girls, got featured in the school’s anniversary book, and will be meeting PM Lee next week. You did all these things, which honestly, aren’t things that normal people do. so you’re either weird, or extraordinary. but i prefer to think that you are special. 

sure, there are still all the lingering, peripheral feelings that sometimes still come back and haunt you. its perfectly normal, and its more than ok. just remember all the good things people say to you, about you. listen to the criticisms, but don’t take them too much to heart because humans can never be perfect. celebrate all the praises, the well-wishes and all the good things that come your way as a result of all the good will you’ve built and all the hard work you’ve put in. 

happy birthday, dear girl. you’ve arrived. hallelujah.


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