as unhappy and restricted as i was in

June 26, 2013

as unhappy and restricted as i was in hk, i just feel pure, plain unhappiness back here in SG. 

i know certain things need to be done, but i cant help but feel sad. its time to stop being eeyore for sure, and yet i just feel the tears welling up again. 

its just this sense of uncertainty. overseas, you are also uncertain but its ok to be uncertain. but in a place where you’re supposed to be in place, and know your place, being displaced is disconcerting. 

packing up seems to signal changes for sure. moving out of this place, this very unhappy, unhappy place, definitely is a great change. all the memories.. i can still hear the laughter, but i just didnt see the thin ice beneath the nice, fluffly, white, sparkly snow. 

i just didnt. and so i crashed straight into the freezing waters, sputtering, gasping, struggling and panicking. i need to get out, get dry and get on fast. 


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