i was reminded earlier today, to really look

June 18, 2013

i was reminded earlier today, to really look at what i have, and not what i’ve lost. 

even if i were to be in a new place today, with new people, doing things i dont really want to, its ok because their aspirations of today were my days of the past. what they want now, are things i’ve done, achieved and checked off the list. 

he said, just look at st nicks. how many people can claim that the principal and vice principals of their alma mater actually listen to them and even seek their advice? how many people have been invited to be on an expert panel and got paid for it? how many old girls get invited to be interviewed and featured in their school’s publication? and finally, how many people would wish to have all that? 

these were achieved during a time of great loss. these came at a time when confidence was at an all time low. 

‘god doesn’t give you more than you can bear.’

its time to sober up and cast aside that part of the self that gets too emotionally attached to everything, even things that simply don’t and shouldn’t matter. 

‘god gives you what you can see (yourself doing).’

great things. with the great things as the dominant strategy, and picking ourselves up as the emerging strategy, recognise that it is ok not to be performing as well as others. recognise that, as a marathoner, this injury has caused you to only be able to brisk walk 400m while others who arent injured are doing 10km runs. but understand that when you’re fully recovered, you were always capable of running 21km or more.

‘god will always, always make a way.’ 


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