June 6, 2013

some positivity for a change:

1) client readily agreed to pay something before his other (more ngiao) client, and hence the ngiao one had no choice but to go along

2) had a lunch treat and a good chat with nuf

3) got loads of free samples fr philosophy

4) my sngs senior has been helping wild treats advertising thru her kay-poh skills

5) scored an interview, thanks to faye’s intro

6) had a beary nice surprise: a snack pack from the bf filled with all my favourite treats

7) an outsource vendor who has been reliable so far quoted me something totally out of this world, completely below what i expected

8) had a simple and heartfelt chat with ma, complete with a few giggles

9) young cousin confided his fears and insecurities – didnt expect him to do so with an old fogey – and did help allay some concerns

simple joys. may we delight in them today, everyday.


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