it just hit me that i’d titled my

May 22, 2013

it just hit me that i’d titled my blog ‘time of my life’.

a few wks ago, I’d have thought it as the biggest joke of my life. time of my life indeed. 

i guess in a few years time, i will look back at this period and recognise it truly as one of the times of my life. we all go thru periods of great change and upheaval, both positive and negative. but in the grandeur that is life, every upheaval suddenly seems so… insignificant. 

what on earth do i do next? where on earth should i go to? how will i know when the fog will dissipate and roads will start materialise? everything only becomes so clear on hindsight and i seek for wisdom and clarity that comes with it. 

rejection was the tall order of today. not that they didnt matter, but it just didnt matter that much. its just an uncomfortable twist in the plot and it’ll be fine once you flip the pages and let the story develop further. 

and so i learn and so i grow. sometimes i wish i had gatsby’s great gift of hope. but even he, in the end, died a broken man. 

and so we shall see and so we shall be.


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