thank you, dr tan.

April 17, 2013

i must have done something right in life to have such kindness showered upon us. 

most people wont think much but in the 2 hours we spent with Dr Tan, he showed us more compassion, kindness, shrewdness and wisdom than anyone we’ve encountered over the past few months. i cannot even properly fathom why he would even bother to speak to us, because as enormous this crisis is to us, it cant possibly mean anything to him. i’m immensely grateful.

but as he spoke, the kindly grandfather showed a very different side to him. the steely, principled side of him which enabled him to enter politics and emerge victorious, despite his loss at the elections. there were so many nuggets of wisdom, in the end, i resorted to typing points on my phone in fear that these words might be lost. here are some snippets, in simple language because its 1am and my synapses arent functioning.

1) dont be atas bright, be ground bright – aka be street smart, not arrogant and snobbish

2) always have a backup plan – even if they were your right hand or left hand man. aka never put all eggs in one basket

3) in times of crisis, compartmentalise. prioritise and decide which are the key factors that will keep you afloat.

4) you dont need to solve every single problem. just one, be it big or small, everyday.

5) dont let the problem take control of you. depression happens when you lose control of yourself but once you regain control of yourself, things will fall into place

6) delegate wisely – never let every single person know every single thing you’re doing. give your key personnel very detailed instructions so that he knows exactly what you have in mind and hence can execute the way you want. but you still need to remain in control overall.

7) dont be afraid to cut losses. or bite the bullet. dont be afraid, period.

8) its ok if people turn on you. you can be disappointed but never let that get to you. its not worth it. 

9) the hardest part of life is assessing your own failures. but it must be done. you need to take 2 steps back then bravely, truthfully reassess what went wrong 

10) when you are facing giants, eg LKY, as scary as they are, stare them right in the eye so that they know that you are someone who stands by your principles and wont back down so easily

11) as hard as it is, its impt to get enough rest. a rested mind really helps you decide how, where, and when to fight again.



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