March 5, 2013

like a sheet of metal that has been hammered on so thin its no longer malleable but instead, hot to touch and extremely brittle. the only way would be to melt the entire sheet and mold it again such that it is once again of equal thickness and to add other elements inside it so that it will not only be tough, but virtually indestructible naturally. 

i dont want to be weak but forgive my moments of doubt and despair. i want to be strong but sometimes i really really just want to give up. i dont have regrets walking this path i’ve chosen but perhaps i’m not quite as resilient as i should be. i want a clean slate but no matter how hard I try to rid of cancerous growths, the cells just seem to keep multiplying faster than I can rid of them. 

the thing is, i actually dont know why im even in this state because things actually are on the upward trend. 

i’m just absolutely spent. 



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