of grief, celebration & love

February 14, 2012

the cortage leaves just about in an hrs time, but i’m easily a 5hr journey away. guess i did my part, but i wonder what will happen now that both patriarch and matriarch are gone.

its also dad’s birthday, and as morbid as it sounds, that really makes me think of the time when i will be in his shoes and the kinda mess i dare not even think about. all the implications that werent thought of, all the unnecessary heart pains and upheavals.

but amidst the unhappiness, my valentine is as always, my knight in moments of distress (too many too often a time). i guess for all the wrong that i’ve done, i managed to do enough good to get one good thing in my life.

ah ma, i hope ah gong finds you soon. you guys can candlelight at your new house tonight. have fun =0)


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