December 2, 2011

I woke this morning not having my right arm. It’d been left without circulation for god knows how long and I had to use my left hand to move it. Felt just like a piece of meat. I imagine that’s what itd be like in paralysis.

If only, If only, one could paralyse your heart too. If only, there was a way to stop your limbic system from feeling. Then yesterday would have been alot less painful.

Whether you have a choice or not, a team member who doesn’t contribute just means extra work. But one who pushes work, bullies and threatens, in the capacity of a leader, and ultimately causing the team their opportunity in presenting.. not forgetting lying, cheating..  what a huge emotional burden.

but what hurt the most.. was the action of a friend i used to respect. not once, but twice. it is difficult, yet especially crystal clear when the issue boils down to a difference in principles and morals.

absolutely painful.

happy december.


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