July 12, 2011

today is my first free day. there’s been so much to do, so much admin to sort, so many readings to do, too much project work, too little time.
so far, i’ve been thankful for all the opportunities to do things i never would have done.
for one, OBS reinforced the fact that i can survive the wild outdoors, do stuff like jump off the jetty tho i’m scared stiff and cant swim. some other take home points on leadership – there were several moments where i got impatient cos some of my teammates werent up to mark, and i couldnt go ahead cos we had to move as a team. pretty frustrating but a good point to ponder over.
i also went for my first ever badminton tournament at the ntu sports fiesta. and amazingly, won my first ever medal at the women’s badminton doubles. lucky break no doubt, but was grinning away nonetheless.
now into the 2nd day of school (feels like 2nd year already), learning to communicate with everyone at close proximity isnt as easy. its pretty fun most of the time but i wish that the class had less fresh grads, more experienced people and no language barrier because ideas get diluted and not everyone can participate at the same pace.
then again, at the end of the day, its how we make the best of things and its time for carpe momentum once again.


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