May 26, 2011

haul – my shopping spree yesterday

hole – in my pocket, post-spree

heaven – massage, melatonin & paracetamol cocktail which totally knocked me out finally

happy – seeing the lights on the erp gantry switch off magically

holy – debates ongoing to explore the spiritual side of things

hell – having food that smells heavenly placed in front of you buy not being able to bite anything, even frog =/

hell 2 – needing to use the washroom really badly in the middle of painful massage

heart stopping – when i realised wat i comforted myself with yesterday actually came true. thank you!

haiyah – unsettled tummy, pounding head. bleah.

hate (is there a less harsh word that starts with a ‘h’?) – inconsiderate drumming boys, drivers who nearly kill you but horn when u want to filter in front of them.

hello – hello there handsome~~ this happens when you havent seen your bf in some time.

HOLIDAY – omg i cant waittttt. oh wait. i havent finished with my research. darn. happy problem.


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