May 19, 2011

interesting stuff to amuse myself when i read this post in decades to come

– jogged 5km to popeye’s and then walked back the 5km lugging 2 value combos. it was dark, there were strange men who started talking to me, totally unfamiliar terrain, neverending roads which seem to lead to nowhere. was secretly overcome with relief when i finally reached the junction and saw w there. almost wanted to cry. fast food never tasted so good, nor worth the calorie count. i shld have ordered more!

– mr seow killing my sim card with his sms and killing his after he valiantly tried to resuscitate mine. in the end, i had to duck into Vans@vivo and use their landline to call mr seow and mr heng, out of which only mr seow answered. mr heng proceeded to call his ‘missed call’ upon which the friendly filipino storeman answered. thank you M1 for screwing up all our connections the entire morning.

– bought PLENTY of uncharacteristic clothing – floral, crochet, frills, and a pleated tulle midi length skirt with lace insert (albeit extremely sheer and frivolous but who cares, its pretty). i stand by my theory that bottoms are way easier to buy than tops.

– someone actually thought my straight hair is natural. fooled ya.

– i am now only left with 4 prawns. they ate No. 5 over the wkend cos i wasnt ard to feed them. its a vicious world out there.


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