May 1, 2011

revisited the old place to retrieve some pics and was amazed at how much i used to write, how much i used to feel. if i ever lose the capacity to write, i just need to revisit there to see for myself what i’m really capable of.

not that i dont feel these days, or perhaps its just that i dont see the need to pen down all these itty gritty details anymore.

i mean, i still do. but sometimes i tink its annoying for the other party at the receiving end to keep hearing me rant and complain. and blogging becomes an outlet to vent before i implode.

but i guess learning how to feel includes assimilating the feelings, really feeling it and letting it pass, helps. feeling it thru and thru, shred by shred, and suddenly the moment passes.

and you’re ok once again.

then you work on upping the emotional chart, towards happyness.

how nice happyness feels.


back from batam, with the JEEPs. we were musing how different the 2 grps we travelled with were. in both cases, we didnt ‘originate’ from the group, but were honoured to be included as part of them. both groups differed vastly, in terms of mentality, how they plan, react to crises and conversation. 1 grp didnt really have any leader at all, the other had several who were willing to lead when called upon, and follow their leader when needed. pretty interesting (but stark) differences. pretty interesting indeed. i could go on but i fear i tread on the border of bias-ness =p

they say birds of the same feather flock together, as obvious as from the group characteristics of each group.

and so i started to think, what sort of feathers do i have?


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