change is in the air.

April 29, 2011

its all around us, anyone can feel it.

i feel it especially so, and not because i just got back from a rally.

tides are changing, things are shaping, scenes are shifting nationwide, same goes for myself.

what will happen in 10days time?

i dont know. i dont know wat other news will come in, wat uncertainties might arise, wat opportunities might present.

only, perhaps, that i, regardless of what happens, as candidate chen said earlier, shld just think with my brain, use my heart and conscience, and not be a cowardly lion. (and in the same (political) light, ppl shldnt fear voting for the opposition really!)

random, but i thought about the interviewer who asked me about failures i’ve encountered, and it just really struck me, i encounter them everyday. from rejections, to failures in baking (damn you marshmallows why didnt you set!), to every small thing that made me go ‘urgh!’.

so, anyhow, courage, my love! everything’s gonna be ok.


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