April 13, 2011

Today in the car i saw an accident. Round the bend, a lorry crashed into a lamp post, so hard the entire lamp post fell to the ground.

Today on the cab, i overheard a programme on depression. As details of the symptoms were laid out, it dawned on me that i prob had depression during my last tenure.

Today on the mrt, someone tried to get into the cabin as the doors were closing. She even held out her arms in valiant effort to stop the doors from closing, much like how you would in a lift with motion sensors. Cept it din work, my heart leapt, and for that instance after the mrt left the station, everyone in the cabin bonded through indignance and amusement.

Today walking home, I wondered how come there was so much bird shit on the ground and how lucky i was to have walked down that path countless times and yet not get hit once.


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