March 31, 2011

Dearest neighbour of mine,

Hi! I’m pretty sure you dont know me but i know you cos i live right below you. To be more precise, i know your music pretty well – your drumming, strumming, thumping, you name it. And this is largely in part attributed to the (unfortunate) fact that you do all that in a room just precisely above mine.

While i greatly appreciate your talent and am thankful you play music i like (soft rock), i do yearn for moments where i can actually hear myself typing away at my keyboard, especially on days which have been less than kind, and nights which are best left quiet. people do need time to, you know, rest. and sadly, i belong to the ‘oldie’ category who doesnt quite delight in sleeping to the sounds of bon jovi or aerosmith. i much prefer soothing melodies and the occasional lullaby, thank you.

so in fervent plea and with optimistic heart, hopefully one day you will soundproof your room better, shift the drumset 1km away, or decide that 10pm is the optimum bedtime. either that or i’m going to storm upstairs one of these nights and demand you teach me how to drum for every single night you’ve been holding a rock concert right over my head.

With heartfelt thanks and no hard feelings,

your neighbour below your music room


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