March 5, 2011

in the past 5 hrs, i have:

– made a batch of choux pastry ie cream puffs, filled and glazed them. they are now xlb shaped (no more pancake shaped thankgod), cept i nearly fainted when the bottoms got stuck to the baking paper.

– baked a chocolate tart. but am still sad the crust broke, and the pecans taste abit funny. no more buying nuts from poon huat, they all have a slightly rancid aftertaste. perhaps cos, they are?? sigh.

– cooked up a hugeass fritata for our bfast tom. shld be pretty nice paired with some choux and onion buns. may it provide us energy for rock climbing.

– cleanedthe pots, pans, kitchen, what have you.

– re-written my recipes with all the mods this time round. tish boyle’s recipes have proven to be pretty good thus far. but as much as i love cream puffs, i tink i’m unlikely to make them again. SO MUCH WORK. omg.

and now i’m absolutely ready for bed. zzz.


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