February 26, 2011

i kinda forgot which of these i am – D, I, S or C so was curious and went to do a supposed DISC personality test which, in the end, didnt tell me what i wanted to know.

instead, it told me this:

A loyal friend, S is patient and caring when attending to the needs of others. She is usually an even-paced individual who thrives in a peaceful, harmonious environment. She tends to be quite predictable, sticking with proven, reliable methods of dealing with situations rather than taking chances with a new, unproven approach.Neat and orderly, others usually see S as practical. She needs adequate information to make decisions, and she will consider the pros and cons. She may be sensitive to criticism, and will tend to internalize her emotions. S likes to clarify expectations before undertaking new projects, and she will follow a logical process to gain successful results.

A warm, outgoing person, S enjoys having a high level of interaction with others. She usually finds the “silver lining” in a difficult situation, and typically enjoys the thrill of trying new things. She has a gift for influencing those around her and is viewed as an instinctive communicator. Others find Shuyun easy to approach and enjoy her easy, open rapport.

Because she cares about how others feel, S may feel uncomfortable making decisions that strongly affect others. She typically encourages others to be involved in the decision making process and prefers to work in a team role. Others tend to see S as agreeable and humble.


so…what does that make me?? i half suspect it (still) borders around I & S.

somethings never change.


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