three tiny tales.

February 14, 2011

because the world is fascinating, and because the people in it can be really bizzare.

1) the lady in the mask

going to the toilet brings with it a sense of purpose…urgency, simply cos you are filled with it. all you want is a clear path ahead of you, so that you can make a beeline into the cubicle for..relief. you’d never expect to be taken aback by the sight of a lady standing in front of the mirror, apple headphones plugged in, looking at herself with all sorts of white stuff plastered on her face. post surgery?, you muse. no it cant be, because they arent bandages. they are squares of cotton, soaked in evian misting water, layered all over her face, in the middle of a toilet, inviting all sorts of stares and side glances.

2) the dog runner

aboard the bus, a relatively exasperating bus ride home turned into a rather exhilirating one. the old uncle was sitting too close for comfort, and pins and needles were working their way up both legs. a burst of activity outside caught the eye. a running male figure, 3 blurry brown blobs following closely behind. poor dude, he must have irritated some strays while he was running. and boy did he run, as fast as his legs could possibly carry him, to create as big a distance between himself and the strays.

what should you do if u ever were chased? what should you do if u ever wanted to help someone being chased?

3) the secretive perve

ironic, because perves shld be bold and flashy (fleshy??).

the nel line was packed as ever, and a non-pregnant, non-elderly, non-handicapped male sat on my right. middle aged, sloppily dressed, unshaven, sloppily dressed with a rolled up chinese magazine. he took out his phone, turned it 90 degrees counter clockwise (ie towards me) and took a picture, of perhaps, giving him much benefit of doubt, the rest of the carriage. the journey to buangkok was long and i was brought out of my own world by a little red light. it was the camera’s focus light. SP had positioned the phone near his knee, flipped it over and angled it such that the lens was aimed at my face. then the red light blinked, a picture was taken, and the phone hastily kept. of course, it could have been aimed at the (yet another) old uncle to my left.

apart from walking away, what else can you do?

PS. why do i always end up sitting next to old uncles?


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