January 10, 2011

so glad.

1) for bringing my brolly. used it 4 times today, prob about the same no of time as i’d used it since first buying it

2) for packing in my havianas. lifesavers when navigating thru slippery, pot hole infested roads.

3) an act of gentlemanly-ness after being put thru the KS china man symdrome at a crowded busstop. bah to them, brownie pts to the dude who opened the side gate at me place n held it open for me while in the rain. and so i shared my brolly with him all the way in. more men shld be like that!!

4) me meh meh for the lomantic dinner haha. and for bribing me with gong cha if i go for dance instead of badminton next wk. mehhhhh.


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