December 20, 2010

got an email today from a new friend and was pretty touched by it.
nice way to start the day! (apart fr wearing my new dress of course)
weekend was really quite jam packed for a change. i’d forgotten how crowded town gets on weekends, more so over the xmas season.
sat – dental (got a present!), met cat for a spot of shopping (illicit exchanges in a dimly lit carpark are always so thrilling) and she picked out some nice red lipstick for me, went for a wedding lunch at suntec (and got very fed up looking for a bloody parking lot), headed off to get some cake and then home for my cousin’s 21st bdae where we over-ordered as usual and i overstuffed meself with awesome eclairs fr neo garden. awesome. oh and got to practise turkey carving, seeing how i’d be missing lotsa xmas festivities this yr!

sun – ta bao-ed leftovers to the boy’s place, relocated my snails-in-styrofoam-cup into a KOI cup (upgrade wor), went to finish up our shopping, had lunch by the stairs picnic style, had a spot of brainstorming, bought up like the last uniqlo sweater in small, got a FEATHERY flower pin for yi’s wedding, headed off to gran’s for dinner (countless reminders fr gran to bring my bf cos she likes him ard haha), made him tutor my aunt in powerpoint, celebrated another cousin’s bdae and ate too much once again.

mon – sniffy from late nights, a little apprehensive cos of all the underlying currents but trying to focus on happier things. bless me.


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