December 9, 2010

feeling rather blah.

good to have had bmt last nite despite the aches n blisters. had dinner with hw, bumped into daph, dy and declan who kept waving bye to us as we went up the escalator. welcomed n bemoaned the sad same fate we share – deprivation of our halves no thanks to their neverending work. getting kinda used to it, just that it does take getting used to esp when you have grown accustomed to a certain amount of contact. read this mr wang post and could feel myself alternating btwn nodding vigorously in agreement and sighing in sympathy. and as usual, ate too much before exercise again. need more self discipline. couple of nice net shots, giggly fits, unglamorous squatting down cos my hamstrings wont allow me dignity nor grace.

work feels easy, yet its not. i feel like im back at my old job – ploughing thru research papers, patents, sourcing for formulas and partners. cept that i have a crazily tight deadline on an even broader scope. feels the same, yet not. then there is the issue of pdt names, taglines, logos…..and my neverending quest to find a designer who can acede to our demands – cheap, good, fast, raw files. hair in kelp forest situation i tell you.

intense wk up ahead – the directors, CEOs are all back. fortitude please, after the grimacing.  (gosh, my snails are mating. incestous! parent, child, grandchild are all clones too btw.)

havent really been much emo these days (which is good) but that means i havent been having time off (no good). flurry after flurry, i seek solace in my dreams but they generally morph into nightmares and i unfortunately wake in the middle of the night feeling like i barely slept a wink.

teeth seem to have straightened out a wee bit. no more broken wire episodes, or ligatures which pop out thankfully. next tightening is in 9 days, after which i would have completed 2 outta the 6mths treatment plan i have. time seems to go by so fast.

was pretty amazed by my aqua plants. cut off some leaves at the stem, and now roots and tiny leaves have emerged at the free floating leaves. if only humans had such regenerative prowesses. if only.

surfing really sucks. not a nice feeling at all. plus it gets me all irritable, depressed and moody.

and here ends one of the wordy posts posted here in recent history. its been a while.


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