December 7, 2010

1) just discovered my 3rd post marathon blister on me toe.

kinda felt a bubble but yet it wasnt visible til i decided to cut pretty deep into the skin and suddenly, it was like a dam broke forth.


2) and i’ve been very hungry the whole day for some reason! its so strange cos i’ve eaten wat i normally do + all sorts of chocs + snacks + tons of water and I.AM.STILL.HUNGRY.

some steak would be nice now, please?

3) wrote my first chinese email in decades. for a hotel booking, no less. i hope they reply and i hope i understand the reply and i hope i dont need to reply.

4) alot of china horror stories these days. sounds scary. but a little blase about it too. well, doesnt hurt to be on extra tippy toes while there.


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