December 7, 2010

hungry. so tot i’d list down the stuff i feel like or have had.

Steak from billy bombers

  • each time we go to cathay in eager anticipation of aston’s, the bloody queue is so long we end up at billy’s. but tts good cos i like the steak there! perfectly med rare, comes with a generous heap of creamed spinach we totally heart. also, the milkshakes do rock.

steak and catfish fr jacks

  • not quite complete without lobster bisque. an all time classic when mich and i go out. come back soon ma!!! jacks aint quite the same without you!

sashimi, hana maki.

  • enough said. ooohhh the mayo, the roe, the sashimiiiii~

spicy hotdog with mozza and fresh bacon from PS basement

  • one of my faves which i cant eat in my current condition

carls jr guac thick burger

  • our first meal post marathon. shioks. bring on the protein!

chicken stew from soup spoon

  • a newly discovered fave. hearty, comforting

and a whole load of food my mom/gran used to cook. chicken stew, egg rolls, fish bee hoon, mian jing soup, kajang mee sua and lots more long forgotten.


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