November 30, 2010

so in the mid of a conversation with the fellow officemates pertaining to one of them who frequently curses and uses words like ‘cock’, everyone was telling him its not normal to punctuate every other sentence with that word.

and i, being very against the abuse of vulgarities esp if its cos its ‘cool’, ended it by saying ‘ppl dont curse that much too lor’ to which there was an insignificant but audible enough awkward silence. oops.

not the most tactful of behaviour but its really driving me nuts. imagine, putting up with all sorts of vulgarities during NORMAL WORK conversations everyday. its so jarring and it makes me cringe inwardly every time cos i’m super not comfortable with it and sooner or later everyone is getting influenced! but i sincerely hope it stops cos im so afraid he’d shoot his mouth off esp if we are in the presence of external parties.

graciousness please.


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