November 25, 2010

this is so.damn.hilarious!!


SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts said the Singapore water polo team did not seek its advice when they sported swimming trunks bearing elements of the Singapore flag.

It said their design is inappropriate, as elements of the flag must be treated with dignity.

The water polo team was wearing trunks which feature the crescent moon and stars from the Singapore flag at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.

MICA said it has spoken with the Singapore Sports Council and was informed the team is apologetic and had meant no disrespect.

The Ministry understands that under competition rules, the team may have difficulty switching to another set of trunks for their match on Thursday.

Under the Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Act, no person shall use the flag or any image thereof as or as part of any costume or attire unless approval is given by the Minister and there is no “no disrespect” for the flag.

Those found guilty of doing so face a S$1,000 fine.


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