November 22, 2010

the building filled with wafts of thinner, turpentine or similar organic compounds and its making me really lightheaded.
tried to seek respite in the toilet – turns out its worse there cos there is no ventilation
thought of heading to the stairwell cos its not connected to the internal aircon – to no avail. cos it reeked of stale cigarette puffs.
ARGH. and of all days i decide to pack lunch and stay in instead of walk out.

anyway the wkend was pretty awesome. project thanksgiving was a success, i had an enormous jar of reese’s, stole quick moments before dawn to do a mini art installation of sorts on his wall, received another bdae present (and realised i had a candle-less bdae this yr whcih w claims is a good thing), nua-ed away sunday with a book and kfc roasta, then bought a jar of pretty expensive pesto and stirred up a pretty good pasta in under half an hr.

am a lil sad and disappointed cos i dun think i can haf a yr end holiday. oh well.


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