November 9, 2010

learnt a couple of things today
– i do have courage in me. decided to stop being a coward behind emails and confront THE issue directly. face to face. so sick and tired of crafting replies.
– i can actually be very calm when i want to. no tears, no resistance, just a clear head and displaying the willingness to learn. good acting skills.
– bah to xiao ren. and ppl who talk behind other ppl’s back. and sniffing and digging up dirt on others. bah to you, pls stay far away from me
– our local universities arent producing the quality they shld be. understatement backed up by alot of evidence, the deeper we delve into this pdt development shite
– ppl can and will take ur words, turn ard and use them on you
– ethics. questioning my ethics just begs me to question yours. if not for us who raised it, we’d be going down your unethical pathway. so pls dont preach ethics to me.
– friends are very impt. even if they cant really help the problem, they help in other little ways, be it small gifts or just listening and sympathising.

thats alot to learn, in a span of 24hrs.
hopefully this is the last i hear of this issue.

and now its time for a good, good sleep.


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