November 2, 2010

so i just came back to work after a 3 day break, for 3 days of slogging, after which we will be off for 3 days of holiday.
i could get used to these 3 day cycles!
and in one day, i accomplished so many things i cant help but wonder WAT ELSE i can do if i had all 9 days of holiday =p

some stuff i/we did:
– had tuition over the wkend (and got paid woohoo)
– went for a baby shower (baby girl looks like zhang yun jing)
– had chikuwa tei. awesome stufff especially if you are/were a wasabi tei fan (the uncle now actually says hi when patrons come in)
– discovered pretty good western and beef noodles ard the hougang area. AND nice gelato. kinda really like our little culinary jaunts ard the neighbourhood.
– watched departures. and wept harder than i did when i initially watched in the cinema. everything just reminded me of her.
– fixed on some braces (will forever rem car’s bdae)
– met ade for lunch
– collected clothes
– settled a bdae gift
– dinnered with cat, checked out all the new shops at raffles city
– danced
– did up a presentation (gladly so cos I DIDNT KNOW the presentation was the next day. onlyfound out like 40min beforehand when it was due geez)

phew. major sense of achievement (writing this list, not doing the stuff on the list hha).


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