hand in mine.

October 10, 2010

do you clasp your hands together often?
like..in prayer, or as a sign of respect, or manners or in delight?
there was a point in time i didnt.. because i was too absorbed in a relationship. so i got used to holding other ppl’s hand, and one day after breaking up, i happened to intertwine my fingers together and was astonished at how unfamiliar that feeling was. how strange my knuckles felt. how slender my fingers were. how the chills were chased away so quickly. how reassuring it felt.
how ridiculous. i mean, how could it be? they are my own 2 hands. how could i possibly not know what it feels like? like hello, how can that be?
that day i realised the importance of 2 things.
and til this day, when i clasp my own hands, i do it not just to give thanks, and to remind myself never to lose sight as an individual.
no matter who i’m with, where i am, my identity has and will always be the same.
so i give thanks for my own pair of hands, for which without, nothing much would have been possible.
and as part of my life, as we clasp hands together, i too give thanks, for you literally give me another pair of helping hands, to do things i’d never have thought possible.


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