underneath the same big sky.

October 5, 2010

was driving home earlier, and this song came over the radio.

this very song brings me back to when i was 10. dad is driving, mom in passenger seat, me behind mom, we discussing about this song. i dont remember if she was teaching me this song or i was asking something about this song. but this tune transports me back in time. i loved it then, i love it now, not just because it has such a wistful air to it, but for the innocence and hope it represents. that sunny day, we were heading to my gran”s i think. and we were happy.

dont know why i’ve been pretty emotional these days. i mean, i know why, just din expect tat much sentiments. tat combined with stress and pressure, just about is enough to kill. i really cross fingers i can pull this thru and pull thru this. i know i can, i know. i just need that bit of assurance.

so i’m grateful for this song. it came at the right time. like a security blanket, it comforts me and gives me hope to move on to brighter days always.


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