and know that you are in our hearts.

September 30, 2010

where you will be.

i’m trying to figure out what death means, biologically.

we know it as, well, no heart beat, no breathing, rigor mortis. but these are ‘symptoms’ of death.

im more interested in this:

what really causes death, ie the body, heart, the lungs, the brain etc to stop?

insufficient ATP? impulses which are too weak? what exactly is it that causes the body to stop, forever?

what is the sequence like? is there a particular one?

morbid, but in a fascinating way. something i’d never actually considered or thought about before.

in the last 2 days, i have seen, heard, felt and gone thru enough experiences to think about the next couple of months.

there are so many kinds of death, in my opinion. not cos of the cause of death, but the impact they have on you. how often do we go by funerals and jus dismiss them? dont we hear of relatives or acquaintances who pass on, but we merely acknowledge with a ‘oh okay..’ or at most ‘oh no!’ and then proceed to do something else? or how about those wakes we attend cos we ‘had to’ even if we didnt feel much for the person? and then there are those who leave us and we can never, never, ever fully accept they are no longer by our side – the significant ones.

the ‘reset’ button has been activated, and a fresh pair of lenses has been donned on.

with each passing, may we learn more about ourselves and gain greater appreciation of those around us.


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