tickle me funny

September 28, 2010

its 6.

i shld be on my way home.

but im still in my seat.

taking a breather.

writing phrases.

eating reeses.

(they rhyme! im going abit nuts fr the adrenaline)

funny how my job stresses me out cos i haf alot to write, but i use writing as a way to destress.

funny too how our dance teacher in all earnestness (or issit earnesty) wanted to video us during our routine cos i said i look like a clown when she complimented n said we’re pretty good already and have improved alot since… the good ol days of fumbly bumbly-ness.

funny three due to the funny fish we had as fish n chips fr colbar. sole fish?? go google it. its like a skinny, pancake version of stingray (stingray as a waffle for comparison). nice, but seriously.not.filling.

i suppose u can say that the good vibes are still around amidst the immense pressure sitting comfortably ard my shoulders. and for that, i’m immensely immensely thankful.

i suppose its also gotta to with wats gonna happen in a couple of days, towards the wkend.

i suppose eating alot of choc really does help afterall. =0)


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