September 27, 2010

Thanks to CarolynsHope

today is one of those days everything seems nice and rosy even if the skies were dark and greyish outside.

love – checked
career – checked
bank account – checked
happy things superceding unhappy ones – checked

its also one of those days i think i can whizz and breeze thru airily, unfazed, so surrounded with good vibes i suspect i might have difficulty empathising with others who feel less than positive haha. rare, rare indeed.

so thank You, whoever you are.

and while i think there is a all-knowing, ever powerful Someone Up There, sometimes i think the You is really just Me. cos damnit, i worked for it, at it, til i got it. so most times i think i shortchange myself and look down at my self-worth. so on days like this, i think, wat the hell. i’m worth it. i’m worth EVERYTHING i’ve got and more.

so there. give me my chocolate cake already. ;q

and because winnie the pooh said “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon”, here are 3 pretty ones for those who need a little (helium) lift.


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