September 27, 2010

here i am, on a lovely monday, but yet on the verge of throwing things at someone.
much like audrey hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when she found out her brother was killed.
so i cleverly armed myself with tons of music this morning, chirpy, boppy, ditzy ditties which hopefully filter out external noises.
tried earplugs over the wkend to no avail.
trying to treasure the remaining days til the big move.

oh and the earplugs were for F1, testing for human sounds was purely for non-work-related purposes.
yup, we had bay grandstand tickets, and got to catch adam lambert!
and so today, my boss and i are hao-lian-ing in the office with our lanyards hehe
(btw, hamilton condemned our track. bah to him!) ((wah i sound so patriotic)) (((i was trying to find a shot of him right after he threw his steering wheel)))

nmind. payday up ahead!! paydays to be correct. uno, dos, tres. woohoo!!


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