watch wat you tell your kids.

September 24, 2010

mn says (2:19 PM):
you knw that time super funny, it’s past 11pm and she is still talking very loudly along my corridor. they are taking the lift down going back to changi then my sister say her
yenn yenn it’s very late already, you better not talk so much and make so much noise
you better keep quiet
then when they go into the lift, there is an uncle came into the lift and that uncle started talking to yenn
you know what she told the uncle 
“it’s very late already. you better keep quiet”
mn says (2:26 PM):
the old man shocked and say “orh.” 
then he really keep quiet
pretend to listen to ong yenn

HAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAA yennyenn! u always make my day. hahahhaa such wise words at such a tender age!


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