rain rain go away, dont come back ever again.

September 24, 2010

your voice.
its so annoyingly annoying. every.single.freaking.day.i have to put up with it.
every word grates on every single nerve in my body
especially after i realised you put the blame on someone else!
and i hate it when you add in all sorts of curse words in evry other sentence, i dont know if u tink its cool, but i tink its absolutely uncouth. and unnecessary.
i wish you would go far far away. cos i really dont know how much more i can take, or how much longer i can put up with it.
then theres the issue about your brain.
i wish it werent so ill-equipped. and it had a teeny bit of commonsense in it. i wish you would stop wasting my time cos it is very precious.
i have absolutely no interest in interacting with you at every single level possible.
and pls. stop coming into my cube and looking at my screen. i really dislike people who stand behind you and intentionally look at other ppl’s screen. i do not want to involve you in anything at all, its not like your contributions help.
so plsplspls spare me and my poor frazzled neurons because they are getting closer and closer to snapping.
the only thing keeping me going is knowing and thanking god i didnt turn out like you.


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