September 12, 2010

tired out fr the wkend’s events

was abit teary the whole day, had a whole nite of dreams in which ppl died/were dying and i kept tearing. sleep, dream, tear, wake, sleep, dream, tear, wake.

then at trippy’s wedding, got abit misty eyed during her speech. they’ve been together for 8 ‘bloody long years’ quote unquote her and i’ve known this woman for god knows how long. touched by the speech, and by their union! shit, becoming an old sentimental fool ><

i dont really know where the wkend disappeared too.

just left with the memories of board games, sleeping on a couch, 5 pizzas for 7 ppl, 2 movies, our kite which decided to kamikaze, ktv, 9dollar bak kut teh, discussions on kids by smith street, tuition and a failed baking attempt countered with lotsa encouragement and someone willing to try my ‘misadventures’ anytime.

AND here we go again, brand new work week. tenacity!


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