September 8, 2010

after the intense sessions of broadway & latin jazz on consecutive days, i’m pleased to note i’m not actually aching anymore!

cept, my knee hurts. so ‘dancer’ as aspiration has to go down the drain, along with ‘doctor’.

what on earth am i meant to do? all in good time, i presume.

nonetheless, instant lasagne ‘my way’ beckons. non vegetarian this time, but i’m amazed at the difference a cube of cream cheese makes. healthier, but lacks that oomph i say.

that waas the original, ooohhhh the neverending mozzarella strands

world’s ugliest but yummiest eggs cos i requested for them

pic meant for mymy. HAHA!


2 Responses to “”

  1. bebe said

    where’s mine? 😉

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