August 26, 2010

not sure if i’m growing into an old sentimental fool, or its just the hormones, but i was rather proud of singapore watching the YOG closing. there was a distinct tinge of pride when i heard the national anthem song (i tot it was done pretty nicely), and the montage of athletes was well, rather touching. admittedly, ng ser miang isnt exactly the best of speakers, but ok la, good attempt =0))
but the highlight for me was the section where all 20,000 volunteers were thanked for their service and – the standing ovation – they received from the very spontaneous and appreciative audience.
oh wait. i change my mind. i tink my highlight was the way Jacques Rogge waved the olympic flag. compared to the 2 mayors, his style was the most impressive. very flamboyant. sibei zai.


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