August 23, 2010

instead of the whining i was tempted to embark on, here is something rather funny

so apparently, SDU is up and running again, and i apparently didnt reply their letter, which meant that i didnt reject their offer of reactivating my account.

that explains the sudden (and mystifying) surge of emails, such as this one below:

I am an Accountant who has been working in Singapore for about 5 years.

I like singing KTV, playing guitar; playing basket ball, badminton,
swimming and jogging.

I used to worked as a part time kitchen hand in a HongKong Food restaurant
when I was studying in New Zealand. That wonderful experience makes me
treat cooking as my hobby and I always cook for my family when they visit
me in Singapore.

Meanwhile, participating the charity activity is one of my favorite
activities during the weekend.

I like travelling, I hope one day i can go Europe to bagpack with my
partner and enjoy our beautiful and romantic life there…

I would very appreciate if you could grant me an opportunity to know you more.

Well thank you for your email dear sir, but you had me at ‘Accountant’. I much much prefer backpacking and engineers. =0))


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