August 12, 2010

thanks to adil via flickr

had a pretty lovely day off, post hk. (speaking of which i totally HEART hk for their cheap shampoos/toiletries. my under-10-dollar shiseido one smells awesome! and works better than the kao essential!! bonjour rocks!)

inception was pretty good! yes canuf, we finally watched it. and it is very nice la. and then we had pretty good ramen at santouka, and ALOT of gelato from venezia. first time i didnt have my dark choc or yogurt flavours but nmind, still nice.

(of cos, one could very easily argue that it is not the activities, but the person you are doing the activity with that makes everything nice and rosy…)

ANYWAY. back to work tomorrow, and im not ready for it. ok i guess i am, i’ve already been doing work the past 2 days but well, cortisol levels are way higher over at ayer rajah. more tuition coming up too, what with o levels round the corner. i hopei make a difference, her results have been improving, so i guess im doing something somewhat right.

and now i cant bear to sleep because i want to relish every moment of my holiday. sigh.


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