i will remember..

August 11, 2010

..hk because i’ve been there so many times. and this time was the happiest.

..how we laughed, so hard, (well ok me did) over stupid things, like tummy trays

..you warming my spoon so i can dig out my icecream more easily

..how faye & jem actually got us maps, and a sim card and EVEN discount coupons. all in one night. awesome.

..never to eat beef tendon again. once bitten, twice shy.

..the taxi driver who thanked me for coming home.

..the night we got soaked trying to get back. one small brolly is no match for a hk thunderstorm.

..the smell of chao dao fu.

..everything, actually. especially those small, tiny actions best left unwritten, and kept closest to my heart.


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