July 28, 2010

i just went thru 167 pages of stock photos and decided to reward myself with a breather – using my new post its! (and blogging too la)

2 packages arrived for me yesterday, 1 was 400bucks, the other was 14 bucks. hehe

part of the 14 dollar package from cottoncandy.sg

very cute right!!

that was on sat after tj’s concert. pretty good concert mr lim! and then we headed to Once Upon a milkshake (i like rum raisin n maple cereal) AND then to geylang for beef hor fun. sorry mrs lim for the poor quality, my cam phone sucksssss.

Day 2 of using my left hand to do work and my shoulder is aching! we’ve been trying to establish new neuron connections and i discover i’m pretty good with chopsticks although not as well as the right (And of cos, my fingers ache after it). next up, left hand badminton-ing? nahhhhh. right hand is bad enough. haha.

and i’m heading back to play wiht my new stationery. yays! (i can almost visualise jam/mymy rolling their eyes)


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  1. bebe said

    BINGO! *roll eyes*

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