July 19, 2010

despite my initial resistance and irritating and what mymy accurately diagnosed as mang-zhang-ness no thanks to deadlines, unfortunate timings and unconfirmed plans, the weekend did turn out pretty nice. thank you for putting up with the mz-ness (sorry hunny) and coming along =0))

for one, i got to check out 2 pretty ulu/awesome/interesting makan places.

– kichn at albert court. first introduced by faye, we spent alot of time googling for ‘kitschy’, ‘kitsch’, ‘kitchen’ cos i remember her using those words til i finally had the sense to search my google chat! nice place, interesting drinks! w was brave enough to be the first *EVER* to try grape, lime & green tea. viya and i preferred our respective drinks – oreo pineapple & oreo, milo, lychee. we also liked our meals very much! even viya’s ‘vegetarian’ one was nice. hehe

– in the evening, we checked out little part 1 cafe, next to thomson plaza. pretty cosy, food was not too bad but we liked the beers there. my rose one was pretty nice, thankfully it was too sweet for the boys so i had the pleasure of emptying the bottle all by myself =0))) there’s a sofa area where we got comfy and played an originally described as ‘hilarious’-but-sounded-boring-when-we-read-the-description-out game but it turned out to be pretty funny! you basically gotta rank a list of things in order of importance, and it was so funny how some of us placed importance on the weirdest things! (mr seow was the only one who placed kids at the bottom of his list, and the guys consider funerals as relatively unimportant!)

also, we all made away with ALOT of shopping. yesterday alone, i amassed 6 items with a total bill of 104 at chinatown (rocksss! average out each item only 17?) inclusive of

– 3 pairs of shoes

– 1 dress

– 1 top

– 1 pair of jeans

– 1 belt

oops. 7 items, the last one was a present from the boy cos i was mulling over it for the longest time. (and that brings down the avg cost of each item!)

and had an awesome foot reflex session, finally managed to get the ‘good’ one. despicable me was pretty good, but wat takes the icing on the cake has gotta be making sandwiches in my car. tearing open croissants, stuffing them with pre-shredded lettuce, then poking slices of smoked salmon & cheese in and finally stuffing the box into my picnic basket so that we could smuggle it into the theatre.

ah, life on the edge.

and i’m so sleepy now i’m glad its a relatively slow day at the office.


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  1. Faye said

    That’s so funny, you could have just asked me! Haha.
    I love little part 1 too – yummy fish and chips!

    Plis to suss out more interesting eating places to intro to me the next time I’m back! 😉

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