July 13, 2010

(took this driving along the ecp the other day. too bad din manage to capture the entire thing! what do you expect  when you are taking pics with one hand and a lousy phone cam? but still pretty pleased with it!)

totally happy cos you seem are ok and suddenly happy songs hum in my head once again! no more sleepless nights! so i exaggerate. bite me.

anyway i feel like i’m somewhat a duke/med student cos of all the reading im doing, immuno, cardio, wound, you name it.

i feel EMPOWERED because i FINALLY get the difference btwn purity, efficiency, accuracy, precision, sensitivity & specificity! try defining them =0)

maybe soon i’d really be able to be a doctor!

nah……………….. i tink im happy just reading without having to sit for exams.

and so last nite i discovered a pretty awesome place to eat cheap and good if in need for supper post-exercise near my house! awesome wings, delish char kuay teow and er i dun really know what else but these 2 are pretty sufficient.

hungry just thinking about it. damn.


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